Why a sole trader could benefit from the use of a virtual phone system

Why a sole trader could benefit from the use of a virtual phone system

A sole trader is defined as a one person business who runs their business without employees and solely through their own efforts. Sole trader businesses can be profitable; however, they are usually limited to smaller sized companies which have a low output, but enough to make a profit. A sole trader is a good choice for many people who believe they have the skills to make a product or a service on their own, and the nuances and complexities can be handled by one person. A virtual phone system is used by companies of all sizes, from sole traders to small to medium enterprises and large corporations. It may seem like a sole trader could just use a landline and be fine in their business, which in most cases could be true. However, the many features that come with the use of these platforms be highly beneficial to those who are sole traders.

The landline is dead

The landline has served the people for a long time now and has served them well. The age of technology has ushered in a number of different types of products which dwarf older and now obsolete devices, and a virtual phone system does exactly that. The landline is limited to the use of hardware which needs to be wired into a set location and hooked up to a phone line. While this makes it easy for those who stay in one location, in a fast paced world, many entrepreneurs and businesspeople opt to stay on the move. Whether that be for meetings and client facing situations, or because they work other jobs too. The virtual phone system presents an opportunity to be able to make and receive calls regardless of your location, as long as a device and Internet connection is present.

The landline is dead, all hail the virtual phone system!

Personalized numbers

The virtual phone system allows sole traders to be able to personalize their numbers to one that suits their business. Often you may see those businesses with numbers that spell out a word related to their field, or maybe they want a number that is easy to recognize and remember. Regardless of whether the purpose is for creativity or marketing, the virtual phone system allows the sole trader to have a unique number which is personalized and recognizable for their customers and clients.

Personal voicemails

One of the most important parts of customer engagement is to be able to make the customer feel like they matter. When calling into a sole trader business after hours, a virtual phone system is able to create a voicemail that informs the customer of afterhours calls or can redirect them to another number. This is a feature exclusive to a virtual phone system and can help to increase customer engagement and satisfaction subsequently.

Appear more professional

The use of a virtual phone system can help a sole trader to look more professional and larger than they are. It is true that customers will likely opt for a company that appears bigger and is more professional, and a virtual phone system can give off that professional look. This is because the majority of large corporations will use a virtual phone system. With a sole trader using one, they can look more professional and bigger, helping to secure customers. It is vital to be professional, especially when you are in a market that is highly competitive, like much of the business world. Any competitive advantage is a good one, no matter how slight the advantage.

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