5 Greatest Investors In America’s History

Benjamin Graham
Benjamin Graham

Investing can be cold and hard. Hence, not all investors can build a track record of high figures on returns consistently. Comparing track records and performance numbers in the financial market is tedious. But after much deliberation, here is a list of five. The list comprises those who have shown quality skills for increasing and multiplying funds across America’s stock market history.

The first person on the list is Benjamin Graham. A British-born influential American investor. He was widely regarded as the father of value investing and security analysis. Graham is the teacher and mentor of Warren Buffet. Graham is said to have made huge money without even taking huge risks on the stock market. His book, The Intelligent Investor, is one of the most famous investing books.

Another name on this illustrious list is the Quant King – Jim Simons. James Harris Simons is an American billionaire hedge fund manager. He was a mathematician who has taught at both MIT and Harvard. At age 44 in 1982, he started one of the most successful quant funds in the world – Renaissance Technologies (Rentech.) By 1988 he decided to use solely quantitative analysis to determine trades.

Simons is joined on the list by George Soros. He is a Hungarian-American billionaire investor. He is popularly referred to as the man who broke the Bank of England. This was an accolade from 1992. He risked $10 billion to short the British Pound. An estimated total trade net of $2 billion shows he was right. Most of his strategies are said to be undefined. Yet, his Quantum Fund generates an average annual return of over 30% while he was the manager.

On number four is David F. Swensen. An American investor and endowment fund manager. David’s talent was said to have helped him figure out what no one could. That is, going beyond the usual stocks and bonds to endowment investing. He was already a history maker before he started managing Yale’s endowment fund with the Yale Model. He orchestrated the first-ever derivatives swap.

To wrap up the list is the Oracle of Omaha – Warren Buffett. One of the most successful investors of all time. He is an American billionaire Investor. Amassing his multibillion-dollar fortune by using Graham’s value investing. He is the chairman and CEO of Berkshire Hathaway, a multinational conglomerate holding company. His simple style of discipline, patience, and value has yielded massive profit over the years.

As an investor, you must learn to forge your path through the not so easy market returns. I hope this list has been insightful for you. Importantly, invest sensibly, suitably, and simply.

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