Additional Ways That Pharmacies Help You Stay Healthy

Additional Ways That Pharmacies Help You Stay Healthy

In this day and age, we should all be doing whatever we can to stay healthy. It can be easy to assume that this just means watching out for big things such as debilitating illness or staying away from bad habits like smoking and excessive drinking. In actuality, there are many ways that you can stay healthy and work to prevent the injuries and illnesses that might see you making additional trips to the pharmacy.

You might be asking yourself how this works. Aren’t pharmacies places where you go to grab medication or supplies for when you’re sick? This is true, but they are also places to go in order to maintain your health, and not just to repair it. Here are some additional ways that pharmacies can help you stay healthy that you might not have thought of!

Providing preventative health screenings

This is a big one! A lot of illnesses or conditions could be caught before they worsen if you get regular preventative screenings, just like the ones that are available at pharmacies! These can include tests to measure your blood pressure and cholesterol, bone density, and even mental health screenings such as depression. If you get these tests regularly, you will be able to assess your overall health and make the best decisions about lifestyle changes or the need for a hospital check up.

Pharmacies sell vitamins, supplements, and more.

You probably view pharmacies as simply places to pick up prescription medication, but there is so much more waiting in the aisles! Pharmacies also sell essential products that can help you feel better even without a prescription or needing to first become ill. There is the obvious over-the-counter (OTC) medication such as pain relief or cough syrup, but pharmacies such as Canadian Pharmacy also offer vitamins and mineral supplements for a variety of causes.

Ask your pharmacist for help searching for the best additional vitamins for you! With a little boost, your health can see a great increase. Much like preventative screenings, vitamins and supplements help you stay on top of your health.

Reviewing medications and offering advice

After all, pharmacists are more than just people who give out the right medication to the right people. They are professionals who know all about the medications that they handle. If you are worried about potential side effects but can’t afford the time or money to visit a doctor, pharmacists can offer advice and a review of medication to make sure it is benefiting you as much as possible.

Many people simply accept the prescriptions they are given, even if negative side effects emerge. You should trust your doctor, but there could also be potential generic or alternative medications that deliver the same benefits without the drawbacks. Ask your pharmacist during pick-up what they might recommend, and hopefully they will have some good advice or even simple assurances to make you feel better. Hearing from a professional as a second opinion can be enough to calm any fears!

Pharmacies Help With Healing, But Also Maintaining Health!

There you have it! While picking up medication and other services are an essential part of pharmacies, many people overlook the potential they have to help you prioritize and maintain your health instead of just working to heal after the fact. With professional advice to prevent screenings, there are many services to take advantage of.

The next time you stop by your local pharmacy, make sure to take a look around or ask your pharmacist for what they think is best. They will be happy to help, and when you stay healthy everyone wins!

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