Picking An Online Pharmacy You Can Rely On

Picking An Online Pharmacy You Can Rely On

Because of the growing increase in the costs of prescription medications, thousands of patients are now choosing to get get their prescriptions filled at online pharmacies. In fact, several consumer report surveys conducted in the last few years have shown that thousands of people now purchase at least one of their medications from online drug stores.

As these online pharmacies continue to serve as convenient, cost-effective, efficient, and private ways to get access to both prescription and over-the-counter drugs, it can be tricky trying to distinguish the legitimate from the bogus ones. In this article, we have highlighted some of the important qualities you need to look out for when picking an online pharmacy you can rely on.

Warning signs an online pharmacy might be fraudulent

  • A valid prescription from a licensed physician is not required to fill out prescription medications.
  • Tries to sell you miracle cures for serious medical conditions like cancer or Alzheimer’s .
  • Prices of drugs seem too good to be true. While online pharmacies tend to offer low prices and discounts, a price that is unreasonably low is definitely a red flag.
  • Having no restrictions on shipping medicines worldwide.
  • No physical/contact address, and it is located outside of the country.

Finding a reliable online pharmacy

Some of the qualities that show an online pharmacy is reliable include:

Valid prescription

A reliable online pharmacy will always require a valid prescription from your doctor before dispensing any medicines to you. Online pharmacies like Canada Pharmacy Online will have a qualified pharmacist review this prescription to ensure that your medicines are accurately dispensed. A reliable online pharmacy will also never offer to write a prescription for you without a proper evaluation carried out by a qualified professional.

Proper license and certifications

There are certain governing bodies that accredit and approve the operations of pharmacies all over the country (online pharmacies included). These organizations ensure that the pharmacies operate and follow the recommended guidelines for dispensing medicines. Reliable online pharmacies like Canada Pharmacy Online are properly licensed and accredited by the Canadian International Pharmacy Association (CIPA).

Check with your insurance

Most health insurance companies that offer coverage for prescription medications tend to have an approved list of online pharmacies for their clients to choose from. These online pharmacies are thoroughly vetted by the insurance companies before they are accepted as suppliers, so you can trust that any online pharmacy on their list is legit. However, it is important to remember that a pharmacy not included in your health insurer’s approved list could still be legit- they may just not have a business agreement with the insurance company.

Physical and contact address

If a pharmacy claims to be in your country, be sure to confirm that they have a physical address that is in the country. Their website should also provide contact information for customers to call in and make inquiries or complaints about their products and services.


Consumers now have a variety of options for getting their prescription and over the counter medications in a convenient way. Online pharmacies are one such convenient and cost-effective way to fill your prescriptions. Just ensure to carry out proper research to verify that the pharmacy you choose is reliable.

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