‘Rider Safety Is Our First Priority,’ Says Ziphawk CEO Bhawna Patkar: All Rideshare Drivers Will Need to Pass Background Check

‘Rider Safety Is Our First Priority,’ Says Ziphawk CEO Bhawna Patkar

Ridesharing companies all have different policies when it comes to verifying the safety of their drivers. Ziphawk takes safety verification to the next level by requiring rigorous background checks.

We don’t take chances with our riders’ safety. We understand that many vulnerable groups use our services, and we want you to feel comfortable during every trip. Here’s how we make sure your rides are safe and comfortable.

Three Background Checks

Each person applying to be a Ziphawk driver must pass three successive background checks. These background checks look for past criminal convictions at the state, regional, and federal levels.

Criminal histories can be warning signs of future dangerous behavior. At Ziphawk, our goal is to keep you and your loved ones safe as you use our convenient ridesharing services.


The Bureau of Criminal Investigation maintains a database with the fingerprints of convicted criminals. We require every Ziphawk driver to go through the fingerprinting process so that they can be checked against this database.

Severe crimes often warrant fingerprinting, so this is an extra measure to keep riders safe. We want you to feel confident that your drivers are well-intentioned and will safely get you to your destinations.

New Ridesharing Safety Policies 

At Ziphawk, we want to continue improving the current policies in the ridesharing industry. Some other companies bypass rider and driver safety, but we don’t cut corners.

We make sure that the people who are driving Ziphawk-approved vehicles are trustworthy. After all, many children, elderly people, and other vulnerable people use ridesharing services.

We maintain modern safety features for riders and drivers to protect themselves during each trip. We have two-way dashcam monitoring available on every ride so your loved ones can check in on you during your trip. This works well for parents who are sending their children somewhere or caregivers who work with vulnerable populations.

We also provide GPS tracking on every Ziphawk vehicle. This tracking software updates in real-time so you can always see where your loved one is headed with their Ziphawk driver. If any safety concerns arise, we have features on our app to alert the proper authorities.

Live Support

Drivers and riders have access to 24/7 support from Ziphawk during every trip. If problems arise, we are here to help. We offer support services through live chatting, calling, or emailing. No matter what your concern is, we are happy to help you.

We want our riders and drivers to feel supported when they use our services. That is why we offer constant customer support and safety measures so you can have peace of mind during your ridesharing experiences.

About Ziphawk

Ziphawk is a modern ridesharing service that was created to improve the industry’s current practices. We take rider and driver safety seriously. Our safety features allow you to enjoy each ride without fear. Everyone deserves to have a safe ride with Ziphawk.

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