Stephen Mcmennamy’s Creativity: The Role Of Digital Art

Stephen Mcmennamy

The advent of computers opened new doors in nearly all walks of life. This includes commerce, medicine, engineering, and even visual art. Despite the criticism from the art traditionalists, digital art has provided newer considerations to creativity with its introduction of 2D and 3D designs, animations, digital drawing and painting, and many more. Now, this variety in the world of art has allowed for more flexibility. In other words, more niches have been created for the artist to explore his creativity.

Digital art refers to the branch of new media that uses computer-generated lines, shapes, colors, and textures (digital technology) to produce artwork. The development of this type of art has made the scopes of art change, including drawing, painting, and sculpture, and even film making. These changes are due to the introduction of new techniques for visual effects and animation.

Aspiring artists can find various niches for themselves and even create new ones. Thus, when Stephen McMennamy created an image of a dog with a mushroom head, and people loved it, it shows us that digital art gives more room for creativity and that all absurdities are welcomed.

McMennamy, who termed his genre as Combophotos, explains that his art involves fusing two unrelated items creatively to create one unique image. Not only does his wild image fascinate the viewer, but McMennamy fictitious mashups are also beautiful. His humorous juxtapositions involve splicing two items or scaling them to create an unexpected image.

With a significant following on Instagram, the conceptual artist has grown a lot of popularity on social media for something he considers a hobby. The Atlanta based art director has also worked with numerous companies as he continually preaches his gospel of digital art.

In conclusion, we can say that McMennamy has demonstrated a unique show of digital consideration in art. He has grown to become a significant force in propagating the digital art message and has been an adherent since he began in 2014. It would be a boost for the upcoming artists for better consideration of digital art.

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