Top 5 Women’s Shoes that are Beautiful and Functional

Women’s Shoes

In the women’s shoe market, there’s always a sacrifice that has to be made. It seems that if you want to show up to the club or date looking amazing, your feet have to pay the price in horribly uncomfortable torture devices passing as shoes. If you want comfort, you always seem to have to walk around looking like you’re over the hill.

Well, we’re here to break that trend. We want to guide you towards a handful of shoes that are not only eye-catching but also flexible and easy to maneuver in. Regardless of which option you pick, you’ll be able to match your new shoes with a multitude of outfits without sacrificing your comfort.

LS Shocks:

If you live an active lifestyle and love colorful outfits, the LS Shocks line of shoes is perfect for you. No, they won’t go great with formal attire or clubwear, but you can match them with basically any outfit that would look great with tennis shoes, and they’re a ton more comfortable.

LS Shocks feature a tennis shoe design, but the bulk of the shoe is made from a woven material attached to an athletic sole. This makes for an unbelievably breathable athletic shoe with enough flex to allow for natural movement, but it matches today’s youthful fashion trends.

LS Shocks come in lively colors, so you might need to buy multiple pairs if you like to have your clothes match. However, black and other neutral colors are available.

Dansko Fawna Wide:

As a business professional, you don’t need shoes that will let you run a marathon without ruining your feet. You need something to get around the office comfortably without looking unprofessional in front of your boss. The Dansko Fawna Wide allows that.

With smooth contours, a velvety-black finish, and a minimalist design, these are perfect for professional attire. However, they have ample room, arch support, and secure straps to ensure comfort. If you’re tired of tearing your feet up to impress your boss, pick a pair of these up for the best of both worlds.

Malea 31 by Remonte:

If you want the flowery, upbeat tones of high-quality sandals, but you need the functionality of tennis shoes, you can’t go wrong with the Malea 31. Its earthy yellow tone, flower print, and low-cut design elements are reminiscent of your favorite summer sandal wear, but the Malea 31 is a more athletic shoe design that provides ample support and protection for more active people.

Portofino Closed Heel Sandal:

The Portofino closed-heel sandal gives you the breathability and style of traditional sandals with a slightly elevated design, but the closed heel and highly secure strap mechanism make them perfect for day-to-day activities.

You won’t want to join a tennis game or go for a jog in these, but they are a stylish, comfortable option that won’t hold you back during everyday activities.

Where to Get Them

All of these shoes are perfect for women who value functionality and beauty, and you won’t have to look far to find them. Check out Becker’s Best Shoes for all of these high-comfort footwear items and more!

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