How to Plan Your Dream Vacation

How to Plan Your Dream Vacation

Family vacations are something that people all over the world look forward to every year. They’re opportunities for familial bonding, experiencing new things, and making priceless memories.

In 2019 and prior, you could do all of those things with relatively little hassle. If you booked a trip to Australia, you could go with little more than a passport and some basic planning.

Now, just going to a different state can require you to understand complex and ever-changing regulations, expect your accommodations to be changed at a moment’s notice, and of course, various requirements just to enter local businesses.

Because of this, many families have been foregoing their annual vacations. It just doesn’t seem to be worth it.

Luckily, we’re here to help you get back into the swing of things and reclaim those priceless family moments.

Here are the things you should look at to plan a dream vacation!

Local Regulations

This is the number one thing to look at right now. It will affect every one of your plans, and regulations and local expectations can change between towns and cities; let alone entire states or countries.

So, look for an area that will match what you’re willing to put up with. You need to know if:

  • Masks are required in local establishments
  • Vaccine passports are required
  • Capacity limitations
  • Whether or not your destination allows leaving your accommodation in rare circumstances
  • What attractions and businesses have been affected or closed
  • Whether or not there is a quarantine period once you arrive

That seems like a lot, but it’s crucial to ensure that the places attracting you to a location are available, and that you will be able to enjoy your experience comfortably.

Local Attractions

Now for the fun part. No vacation is complete without seeing a few awesome new things. We recommend locations that pack a lot of attractions into one area such as holiday parks, vacation resorts, or cities that are packed with tons of local spots to keep you busy. Alternatively, check out The Travel Vibes for more travel guides and up-to-date information.

You won’t want to have to travel far to check things off your list once you reach your main destination. With everything going on, you will likely run into new regulations that you don’t know about or can’t comply with.

By picking a location with plenty of stuff to do in one small area, you can learn the local requirements and stick to them without sacrificing your fun; plus, it’s cheaper and cuts out a lot of the driving.

Family-Friendly Accommodations and Attractions

Getting to a location and realizing you can only have two people per room, or you can’t bring your whole family to the local restaurants, will quickly ruin your vacation. Luckily, things have relaxed a bit in 2022, and there aren’t as many places that will restrict your family vacation in such a way.

However, you need to know whether or not the entire family can participate.

To do this, simply look up the local regulations. If you have a four-person family and only 2 people are allowed in an establishment at once, pick a different destination.

Stay Safe and Have Fun

Of course, it’s not all about skirting regulations and finding something that matches your needs. Make safe traveling decisions, and be willing to compromise your dream a bit to get your family out of the house and experience new things without walking into a bad situation.

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