What Not to Pack in a Moving Truck

What Not to Pack in a Moving Truck

There are do’s and don’t’s of packing when moving. Yes, you shouldn’t pack just about any item when relocating for safety reasons. There are also items that you shouldn’t attempt packing yourself without professional help. As a fact, some movers will outrightly refuse to move some items in a truck, so don’t be shocked when this happens. On the whole, remember not to pack these things below when using a moving truck.

6 Items You Shouldn’t Transport in a Moving Truck

#1 Perishable Items

You shouldn’t pack foods that are prone to spoilage in a moving truck. You don’t want your precious meals going to rotten waste because you couldn’t let them go. These include perishables like frozen foods or already-opened canned foods. Make sure you don’t have any leftovers before the move, and if you do, kindly give them out (if you can’t eat them). Whatever you do, don’t just load them into a moving van!

#2 Flammables

Packing flammables like lighters and the like is a total no-no. These items are highly combustible and can combine with vehicle fumes to start a fire. It is considered highly dangerous to pack any item that is liable to catch fire when moving. Common flammable items include; acid, lighter fluid, paint, matches, nail polish, aerosols, motor oil, ammonia, pool chemicals, nail remover, fireworks, charcoal, Gasoline poisons, and a host of others.

#3 Household Cleaners

Household cleaners like bleach can combine with other chemicals in the back of a moving truck, triggering fumes and fire. This is because the temperature in the back of a moving vehicle tends to get high within a short period. And a high temperature can transform cleaning chemicals into toxic gases.

#4 Car Batteries

Car batteries are not recommended to be transported in a truck as they can easily leak. This leakage can, in turn, cause a fire. Besides starting a fire, the leakage can cause injury and burns to you or your movers.

#5 Fertilizer and Weed Killer

You can transport all your gardening tools and materials except fertilizers and weed killers. They are regarded as highly flammable items with the tendency to provoke a fire when kept under hot temperature conditions. So keep this in mind when packing your gardening items.

#6 Ammunition

According you this movers Vancouver you probably know you shouldn’t transport ammunition, but it wouldn’t hurt to remind you!  Never transport ammunition in a back of a moving truck as it can be fatal when the weapons get hot. If you must pack ammunition, use a cool and air-conditioned vehicle only. Also, remember to separate your ammunition from your firearms when packing.

The Bottom Line

The back of a moving truck is typically hot, and this hot temperature is detrimental to certain household items like; perishables, chemicals, weapons, and fertilizer. Make a checklist of these items, so you don’t forget to separate them from movable items when packing. You know what they say; It is better safe than sorry!

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