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Fast-growing branch of media in America is the digital news industry

Fast-growing branch of media in America is the digital news industry

One fast-growing branch of media in America is the digital news industry. And as it stands, it poses quite a complex future. Many Americans keep acquiring news via the Internet, which has made employment at digital-native outlets increase. However, digital news has been clothed with issues that affect the broader media environment.

An increasing percentage of American adults are noted to prefer getting news online via websites, apps, and social media. But TV remains the most popular source of news. The reason for the preference is not farfetched.  Online platforms are a fast means of getting information. They are also an easy and convenient way to do so. Technology is to thank for that.

There have been several job creations spurred from the digital news industry, as the number of digital-native newsrooms keeps increasing. This has led to the decrease of newsroom jobs over the years, even though newspapers had, for a long time, received lots of media attention. More Americans get news on social media than from newspaper prints, with Facebook dominating as the most used site for news by Americans.

The problem with the digital news industry is that Americans are still quite skeptical about the authenticity of the information they see on social media, although they regularly turn to social media for news. That’s pretty much ironic but true. The concerns regarding the inaccuracies on social media news keep getting prevalent even among users who prefer to acquire their news there.

All these, in the end, have changed the way Americans use social media as a result of potential inaccurate news. Many have stopped following certain news sources. And many still stay with those online sources they ‘feel’ or have validated that their news sources are authentic and prompt.

In sum, the digital news industry in the United States does not show signs of slowing down, as technology, with a view to making life easy and less stressful, keeps accentuating its usage, especially through social media and accessible gadgets smartphones. The big question that pops up on this issue is, ‘to what extent can technological advances be trusted regarding the spread of authentic news via the digital media industry in this present age?’

Walmart Inc: Understanding Key Business Strategies Of One Of The World’s Largest Companies

Walmart Inc

Walmart Inc. is a multinational retail company that is headquartered in Bentonville, Arkansas, USA. This retail company operates several department stores, hypermarkets. Again, Walmart boasts of over 11,000 stores in over 27 nations of the world. Arguably, Walmart is the world’s largest company by its revenue. Statistics show that Walmart is the world’s largest employer of labor, as it can boast of over 2.2million employees. Therefore, it is important to outline the strategies employed by this company to achieve this great feat. It will then help company owners to understand how to grow a company significantly.

Over the years, Walmart has stayed true to its purpose. Walmart’s purpose is explained in this slogan: “We save people’s money so that they can live better”. For over 50 years of operation, Walmart has consistently worked hard to offer low prices to its customers. This is why Walmart has built a wide, strong, and loyal customer base. Customers are constantly assured that they can procure quality products at low prices.

Furthermore, Walmart has been very successful because of its ability to take advantage of technology. Walmart leverages technology to increase efficiency at its counters by using the barcode system. Walmart was one of the foremost companies that adopted the use of the barcode system. Their early move has put them at a significant advantage over rival companies.

T barcode system helps the company to track the movement of goods in and outside its stores. Barcode also provides valuable information on point-of-sale information, customer behavior, needs, and demands. Interestingly, Walmart also adopts the radio-frequency identification technology (RFID). This technology requires that manufacturers or suppliers provide microchips that will contain the requisite products’ information.

Again, Walmart engages in advanced supply chain management. This method has helped Walmart to remain highly competitive in the price wars against rival companies. Walmart employs the cross-docking strategy for its supply chain management. Cross-docking is the movement of goods from the supplier or manufacturer directly to the retailer with little or no storage. In other words, goods picked up from the supplier are directly loaded to Walmart stores. In other words, they have reduced the cost of storage. Hence, there is less operating cost and high profits for Walmart.

In conclusion, Walmart is very intentional about motivating its employees. They are often referred to as “associates.” This gives the employees a consciousness that they are all in business together. It will also go a long way to stir them up to work hard and see the company grow significantly. It is greatly encouraged that emerging businesses should learn these proven strategies to achieve their desired goals.

Revealed! How to create innovative ideas for company’s growth

create innovative ideas

Innovative ideas are essential for a company’s growth. Innovative ideas create long-term value for companies with the support of consumers, markets, and stakeholders, etc. In other words, innovative ideas help companies leverage various relationships to create an opportunity for future growth. It is important to know that when innovative ideas are effectively implemented, the company will enjoy massive growth. This article addresses how innovative ideas can be created for company growth.

Companies that desire massive growth in their daily sales must invest in human resource management. Companies need to have an effective human resources unit. This unit will help to motivate employees. There is no doubt that when employees are constantly motivated, they will create ideas that will attract new customers and retain existing ones. This will, in turn, increase sales. Companies must also make sure that capacity building and development programs are initiated via the human resources unit. Companies that are at the top of the industrial chain always invest heavily in human resource management.

Companies that will thrive excellently must understand the art of engaging their customers. It is important for companies to always receive feedback from their customers. This will allow the creation of ideas that will match the current and emerging needs of the customers. Again, the feedback can be used to improve the quality of companies’ products and services.

One of the essential ways companies engage their customers is by making their brands identifiable. In other words, every customer can identify with companies’ brands. That would have added value to the company and improve customers’ loyalty.

Another viable way of creating innovative ideas for company growth is to conduct a SWOT (Strength, Weakness, Opportunities, and Threats) analysis. When companies conduct a SWOT analysis, they are to identify the key aspects they are lacking. The SWOT analysis also helps companies to determine the effectiveness and impact of their ideas.

In conclusion, there is no doubt that there are many other ways through which companies create innovative ideas. These are just but a few. However, it is evident that for companies to constantly create new and innovative ideas, they have the right help to achieve their desired results.


Inside America’s Most Controversial Election Of The Century


For many reasons, the U.S 2016 election was not the best that the country ever had. The parties had low-quality candidates and ran negative campaigns against each other. Lack of experience, bankruptcies, womanizing and allegations of misogyny were a part of Trump’s history. Clinton had a fair share of lack of transparency, which was evident in her leaked deleted mails.

The build-up to the election was barely based on policies. It was the personality of the candidates that dominated the headlines. The election was the first to witness external interference. Four years after the election, the United States is still trying to clear the thorns and memories of the 2016 election, which is often considered negative precedence to future elections.

Cambridge Analytica, a British political consulting firm that combined data mining and analysis with strategic communication, was accused of interference. Donald Trump employed the service of the company in the build-up to the election. An undercover investigation report by Channel 4 News exposed the founder, Alexander Nix claiming they had influenced the election. New York Times and The Observer reported in 2018 that the company acquired and used personal data about Facebook users from an external researcher who told Facebook he was collecting the data for academic purposes.

A Russian-American, Alex Logan, created a Facebook app called “This Is Your Digital Life.” The company obtained data of about 270 thousand Facebook users. Through the user’s friend network, the app obtained data of about 87million Americans to create psychological data without people’s permission. The company had violated Facebook’s privacy policies, but the British company wasn’t the only party that influenced the election.

Russian led organization called “Internet Research Agency,” based in St Petersburg, also created thousands of social media accounts to spread misinformation with fabricated articles. Additionally, computer hackers affiliated with Russian military intelligence sources (GRU) infiltrated the Clinton campaign and publicly released stolen files and emails.

It is alleged that the data obtained by Cambridge Analytica was used by Russia to run ads in America. Russia backed companies dented the reputation of Clinton and gave Trump a victory he desired. Four years later, Mark Zuckerberg still appears before the congress, grilled about the 2016 election by democrats.

The election remains America’s most controversial election, from the pre-election season to four years after the election. Though democracy is often a government by the most popular candidate, merit must be considered by parties in selecting their candidates.

The Motion Picture And Video Industry In The US

Motion Picture

The motion picture can also be referred to as the movie or film. It is a series of still pictures on film being displayed in quick succession on a screen through the means of light. With the persistence of vision, it gives the illusion of continuous and smooth movement. It has become perhaps the most influential and popular media of the 21st century. It is now further developed as an artistic and creative expression in diverse areas like cinematography, music, acting, screenwriting, costume, and design, of which all is quite prevalent in the US.

What It Produces

The United States motion picture industry is known to produce some of the world’s feature films and recorded TV programs as we know it. Also, the industry is noted to further produce music videos, documentaries as well as commercials. Post-production services include film and tap transfers, editing, credits, titling, subtitling, closed captioning, animation, special effects, and computer-produced graphics.

The industry is influenced by many large studios, which are mostly based in Hollywood. However, with the ever-growing popularity and worldwide availability of cable TV, computer graphics and editing software, digital video recorders, and the Internet, other independent filmmaking companies have emerged to fill the increasing demands for entertainment content.

Revenue Range of the US Motion Picture and Video Industry & the Key Players

A good idea can be summed up to the year 2018, when the industry generated its highest revenue from TV programs to domestic licensing of rights, as it brought in over a whopping 15 billion US dollars, and the estimated total revenue for that year amounted to 69.9 billion US dollars for the entire US motion picture and video production & distribution industry. Since 2005, the estimated revenue generated hardly ever falls below 60 billion US dollars, and that’s largely accredited to the big industry folks like Universal Studios, Walt Disney, Sony Pictures, and Warner Media, who have been successful in the business.

In sum, this goes to say that the Motion picture and video industry in the US is booming with no signs of slowing down, as it remains relevant in also accommodating prospective giants and highly artistic and creative media enthusiasts in a fertile industry.

Investment In The Billionaire’s Club

Investment In The Billionaire

Since the start of the 21st century, household names such as Bill Gates, Warren Buffet, Jeff Bezos, Mark Zuckerberg, and Larry Ellison have been at the top of the billionaire rich list. Therefore, it is important to learn one or two lessons from their distinctive understanding of making money.

Of the over 500 billionaires in the United States, 363 are self-made. The high rank of self-made billionaires is followed by 105 who have achieved the exclusive billionaire status through inherited wealth and hard-earned wealth. The remaining 117 billionaires became wealthy as a result of wealth passed down as an heirloom.

However, the above stat is the most popular one used to justify the wealth of billionaires. Although it is true, it does not fully express popular paths taken by billionaires to make their money. The fact is that billionaires did not just appear with 10 digits. Most of them toiled the critical finance and investment industry.

Given the recent boom in technology, it is easy to think that there are more tech geeks than members of the finance and investing list in the billionaire cadre. Of the top 10 billionaire making industries, finance and investments topped the list with 14%. The second industry on the list is the fashion and retail industry who had 11%. Real estate and technology industries came in as third and fourth, respectively, with 10.4 and 10.0 percent.

Without a doubt, an investment can be in real estate. Hence a whopping 24.4% of the Three Comma Club came about their wealth through one form of investment or the other. Investment is the only money-making strategy that unifies all billionaires. What many of these billionaires do is diversification. They put their money in different places.

Let’s take the tech giant, Bill Gates, as a case study. The former Microsoft CEO owns 54,912,525 shares of Berkshire Hathaway. Waste Management, Inc. comes in at second as Bill’s second-largest holding with over 18.6 million shares. Even though speculations say Apple and Microsoft are bitter enemies, Bill Gates bought 501,044 shares in the apple stock.

In conclusion, investment portfolios are what billionaires use to increase their money on multiple fronts. Warren Buffet, the most influential investor of all time, said, “The best investment you can make is an investment in yourself…”

Noteworthy Facts About Universal Pictures

Universal Pictures

It will interest you to know that Universal Pictures is one of the US’s outstanding media companies. It is one of Hollywood’s legendary ‘Big Six’ film studios founded in 1912. As it stands, it has become one of the most profitable media companies in America, with thousands of its movies dispersed. Here are some exciting facts on Universal Pictures:

To begin with, Universal Studios is unarguably the oldest film studio noted to have sprouted from America. It was established in 1912 and is notably the fourth oldest film studio in the world. The oldest film studio in the world was founded in 1895 in France – the Gaumont Film studio.

In 2003, Universal Studios was almost acquired by a fellow ace media production company named MGM. MGM sought strategic expanse and business partners and thought Universal Studios as a great option. They even tried to merge with Sony as well, but unfortunately for MGM, none worked out.

The year 2015 is noted to be one of the outstanding years of Universal Productions. For the first time in their history, they released three 1 billion dollar films, all in the same year: Jurassic World, Minions as well as Furious 7.

Furthermore, Universal Studios Orlando once housed a themed attraction that features quite a distressing ride that doesn’t exist anymore. Then, visitors would sail to Amity Harbor and subsequently get chased by a massive white shark. The attraction was built with $30 million but was shut down in 2011 and replaced with the Transformers ride.

It will further interest you to know that Universal Orlando is home to the largest collection of Harry Potter’s Merchandise.  There is absolutely no other place in the world that beats Diagon Alley in terms of Harry Potter assets, be it in mugs, accessories, wands, apparel, stickers, toys, pins, costumes, key chains, etc. Diagon Alley is simply a paradise for Harry Potter fans.

Lastly, one other fact is that the gloomiest ‘scene’ to ever take place at one of Universal’s theme parks was that, in 2015, a man committed suicide as he shot himself near the Despicable Me Minion Mayhem ride, in the Universal Studios. The news, however, was, to a large extent, contained in the U.S.

In conclusion, noted as one of the legendary film studios, not just in the U.S, but in the world, Universal Pictures has made quite a remarkable history so far, being home to several outstanding media content, particularly in the film world.

Tips On Building A Successful Brand On Social Media In The Us

Tips On Building A Successful Brand On Social Media In The Us

For about 4 decades now, social media has been around. However, it was not until Facebook was launched from the US that several companies and individuals realized how powerful a tool social media is for marketing. Way before, branding essentially entailed broadcast ads, print media, and newsletters. But now, social media has become an effective way to connect with consumers and clients.

A brand is noted to be a customer’s overall perception of one’s business as it is summarily one’s business reputation. The US is home to many unique brands. To build a successful brand on social media and harness its marketing potency, some things should be put in place.

The first thing to note is to target the right platforms. Not all social media platforms are fit for all kinds of businesses. For instance, a brand that is heavy on visuals will thrive on Instagram than on twitter, as twitter is more of a conversational platform. So, employing the right social media platform for one’s type of business is key.

It is also essential to be consistent with imagery and style as it helps a new brand stand out unique in the overcrowded and ever-growing brand hub of the US.

Also, posting frequently strengthens the engagement relationship with customers and potential clients, and it helps a new brand to stay connected with their followers. It’s also imperative that such new brands not just post often, but also post visually compelling content to look professional and coherent.

Being a new brand, it is wise to create an original and unique hashtag that can boost a new brand’s presence and accessibility on social media in the long run. While creating presence and prestige for your brand, it’s wise to tag other popular relevant companies or talents and connect with influencers in one’s business industry, if possible, personally meet up. It helps you get on their radar, which can uplift your brand.

Finally, building a successful brand on social media in the US entails locating the relevant social media platform. It entails being consistent with style, image, voice, being unique, strategically boosting your brand’s presence, and connecting with the big guns in your business industry.

Exxon Mobil: The Evolution Of The Oil Giant

Exxon Mobil

Exxon Mobil is an oil and gas operations company. It is a company that is saddled with the responsibility of exploring, developing, and distributing crude oil and natural gas. Notably, this duty is carried through the companies’ divisions and affiliates. Exxon Mobil produces and sells petrochemicals like aromatics, polyethylene, polypropylene, and a lot of other products. Exxon Mobil is also involved in the generation of electric power. All these are operated in three stages by Exxon Mobil: Upstream, Downstream, and Chemical. This has no doubt help them achieve a great feat. Here is a little piece of information on how this multinational company emerged and evolved since its creation.

Exxon Mobil Corporation was created from the merger of two powerful oil companies. They are Exxon and Mobil. This merger was done in 1999. It is noteworthy that these two companies were offshoots of Standard Oil, owned by John D. Rockefeller.

Interestingly, the journey of this phenomenal merger began in 1998. Exxon and Mobil signed a definitive agreement of about USD73.7 billion. The merger was then finalized on November 30, 1999. This came after getting the required shareholders and regulatory approvals.

Many people attest that this merger was unique in American history. This is because it is regarded as a reunion of the Rockefeller’s Standard Oil Co of New Jersey and Exxon of New York/Mobil. This reunion brought the emergence of the greatest merger in US corporate history.

Since then, Exxon Mobil has witnessed an impressive evolution. In 2000, Exxon Mobil began to sell petroleum products to more than 700 Mobil-branded stations in California. In 2005, Exxon Mobil’s stock price began to skyrocket in parallel with the rising global oil prices. It was recorded that ExxonMobil earned profits of USD 36 billion at the end of 2005. This was a 42% increase from the previous annual income of the company.

Furthermore, ExxonMobil made more giant strides in 2010. This company acquired XTO Energy. This company has also produced unconventional resources. This provided the opportunity for ExxonMobil to begin the Floating Liquefied Natural Gas development. Again, ExxonMobil sealed a deal that allowed it to begin production and exploration activities in Kurdistan, Iraq.

In conclusion, ExxonMobil has continued to wax stronger with profitable deals and impressive innovations. It is amazing that with the numerous achievements of this company, they continue to expand their frontiers. Kudos to ExxonMobil!

Top 5 Art Pieces You Should Be Aware Of

Andrew Newell Wyeth

Artworks are considered to be an expression of how an artist feels and sees the world. They can be used to communicate the artist’s view on a particular subject on life. Art has been the means through which civilizations and people have passed across messages. The value has risen over the years, superseding the original intent. In this article, we would look at 5 of the best art pieces that have garnered reputation and allure.

The artwork by Andrew Newell Wyeth is probably one of the greatest from the United States, especially this painting of Christina’s world. This artwork depicts Christina Olson, a paralyzed woman in a parched-out field. The anguish of her struggle can be seen in the depiction. This, amongst other things, makes the painting a classic.

Monalisa has been considered widely as the most valuable painting in the world. This noble artwork was painted by the great Leonardo DaVinci, depicting a beautiful woman whose identity has been lost in time. Monalisa is currently the property of France, as it presently sits at the Louvre Museum in Paris.

Not many would have thought of Warhol’s style of art as a classic, but his work has laid a field for diversification in Contemporary Art. His work on Triple Elvis in 1963 shows the famous pop king Elvis Preston in a triple image form. As one of Andy Warhol’s many artworks, this still stands out to have stood the test of time.

Another great artwork is the sculpture of Perseus holding the head of Medusa by Benvenuto Cellini. This bronze sculpture was built between 1545 and 1554. And it is currently in Florence, Italy.

Jackson Pollock’s Mural of 1943 is one of America’s top-rated paintings you could come across. Through the painting, Pollock showed he could present his talent and creativity on canvas. Mural currently sits at the University of Iowa Museum of Art and stands out as Pollock’s biggest painting.

Art is an inherent part of the human way of life and would continue to hold much importance as long as the world exists.