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Tony Robbins: The Life Choices Of A Great Artist

Tony Robbins

Great artists are dynamic. They can channel their inner energy and produce something beautiful just at the right time for the world to marvel at. In producing a masterpiece, they have mastered the art of stress control, problem-solving, and creativity stimulation. They also have mechanisms that keep them focused on the project they are working on and see to its completion. Here is a portrait of Tony Robbins, the iconic orator.

Tony Robbins is a popular American author and public speaker. Robbins’ artistry was evident in the expressive prowess that made him one of the most prolific speakers of the 21st century. He started out his career as a motivational speaker at an early age of 17. And he has employed his creative ability to influence his audience on many occasions greatly. Robbins expresses views that help to improve the quality of life of his adherents.

Tony Robbins’ journey to this great artistry began on a rough note. He started as a janitor after school. But he sacrificed the present gratification for future satisfaction. He began organizing seminars for public speakers like Jim Rohn. It was then he discovered his professional calling. He pursued it persistently with hard work.

Great artists are always very confident. Tony Robbins’ artistry is largely built on his insistence on self-confidence. He usually expressed his view that anyone could learn to be confident. For instance, when he was in 10th Grade, he interviewed very important persons in the world of sport. He interviewed sports analysts like Howard Cosell and Woody Hayes.

Procrastination and laziness are a bane of creativity and improvement. Artists know this, and Tony Robbins didn’t allow it to become a problem.  He knows how to rouse and drive his creative traits. He begins each day with a cup of coffee to stimulate creativity. He also engages in bodily exercise to get ready for the day’s work. He creatively uses words to make a great impression on his audience. His seminars and teachings can impact the lives of his audience.

In conclusion, there is no doubt that Tony Robbins is a great public speaker. Basic factors that distinguish this artist include persistence, creativity, consistency, amongst others. And undoubtedly, these are some of the excellent features that aspiring artists must emulate.

The Biggest Trade Secret Crime In America’s History

The Biggest Trade Secret Crime In America's History

Anthony Levandowski is well known for advancing the field of autonomous vehicles and his expertise in engineering. He was heavily sought after by companies such as Google and Uber. Levandowski ended working for both companies and created a fantastic impact in setting up the companies’ field of autonomous vehicles.

Levandowski began working for Google in 2007 after impressing Google co-founder, Larry Page. He was one of the company’s founding members of the self-driving car project called “Waymo.” By 2016, Levandowski resigned from the company and co-founded a company called “Otto.” Uber later acquired the company in July 2016. Levandowski immediately assumed leadership of Uber’s driverless cars operations.

By February 2017, Google filed a lawsuit against Levandowski, accusing the engineer of downloading thousands of confidential files to a personal hard drive. The stolen document was alleged to have contained trade secrets, technical specifications, and Lidar designs. The civil suit between Google and Uber was resolved in February 2018, with Uber agreeing to pay Waymo 0.34% of its’ equity, valued at about $245 million.

Uber took a step further in May 2017 by firing Levandowski for failing to cooperate with the internal investigation on the allegations filed by Google. Uber lawyers soon appealed to their customers for employing Anthony Levandowski.

The case was resolved on August 4, 2020. “This is the biggest trade secret crime I have ever seen. This was not small . . . This was massive in scale,” William Alsup, the U.S District Judge, said after Levandowski pleaded guilty on one count of trade theft, according to the Department of Justice press release.

The court fined Levandowski $95,000 and ordered him to pay $756,499.22 on restitution to Google’s self-driving car unit, Waymo.

The former Uber self-driving car executive was sentenced to 18 months in prison. However, he was granted permission not to be imprisoned immediately due to the Coronavirus outbreak at the time of his judgment in August 2020.

Levandowski’s lawyers restated his commitment to innovation after the ruling, but as the judge stated, it was the biggest trade secret crime in America’s history.

Why a sole trader could benefit from the use of a virtual phone system

Why a sole trader could benefit from the use of a virtual phone system

A sole trader is defined as a one person business who runs their business without employees and solely through their own efforts. Sole trader businesses can be profitable; however, they are usually limited to smaller sized companies which have a low output, but enough to make a profit. A sole trader is a good choice for many people who believe they have the skills to make a product or a service on their own, and the nuances and complexities can be handled by one person. A virtual phone system is used by companies of all sizes, from sole traders to small to medium enterprises and large corporations. It may seem like a sole trader could just use a landline and be fine in their business, which in most cases could be true. However, the many features that come with the use of these platforms be highly beneficial to those who are sole traders.

The landline is dead

The landline has served the people for a long time now and has served them well. The age of technology has ushered in a number of different types of products which dwarf older and now obsolete devices, and a virtual phone system does exactly that. The landline is limited to the use of hardware which needs to be wired into a set location and hooked up to a phone line. While this makes it easy for those who stay in one location, in a fast paced world, many entrepreneurs and businesspeople opt to stay on the move. Whether that be for meetings and client facing situations, or because they work other jobs too. The virtual phone system presents an opportunity to be able to make and receive calls regardless of your location, as long as a device and Internet connection is present.

The landline is dead, all hail the virtual phone system!

Personalized numbers

The virtual phone system allows sole traders to be able to personalize their numbers to one that suits their business. Often you may see those businesses with numbers that spell out a word related to their field, or maybe they want a number that is easy to recognize and remember. Regardless of whether the purpose is for creativity or marketing, the virtual phone system allows the sole trader to have a unique number which is personalized and recognizable for their customers and clients.

Personal voicemails

One of the most important parts of customer engagement is to be able to make the customer feel like they matter. When calling into a sole trader business after hours, a virtual phone system is able to create a voicemail that informs the customer of afterhours calls or can redirect them to another number. This is a feature exclusive to a virtual phone system and can help to increase customer engagement and satisfaction subsequently.

Appear more professional

The use of a virtual phone system can help a sole trader to look more professional and larger than they are. It is true that customers will likely opt for a company that appears bigger and is more professional, and a virtual phone system can give off that professional look. This is because the majority of large corporations will use a virtual phone system. With a sole trader using one, they can look more professional and bigger, helping to secure customers. It is vital to be professional, especially when you are in a market that is highly competitive, like much of the business world. Any competitive advantage is a good one, no matter how slight the advantage.

Customers Shaping E-Commerce Growth This Year

Customers Shaping E-Commerce Growth This Year

E-commerce is an abbreviation for Electronic Commerce. A simple definition will be the act of buying and selling over the internet. It has become conventional in people’s daily life. After all, there is always an everyday need for purchase. E-commerce then steps in to meet the supply of such needs. In America, companies such as Amazon, Walmart, eBay, and others have taken central control of e-commerce. It is, therefore, important to know their money-making strategies and the role of their customers.

E-commerce makes money in a lot of ways. The first investment strategy to be considered here is targeting the right audience. The importance of this is that instead of reaching out to a large audience, they will direct their content towards potential customers.

Another top money-making strategy is using marketing collateral to drive traffics. What e-commerce giants do is to use the customer’s research journey to address the customer’s pain point. With that, the benefits of a product can be quickly communicated to the customer.

There are also automated processes used to deliver goods, services, and follow-up on their customers. Here is a bit of repetition, the law of lasting impression. Not just that, customers can familiarize themselves with the e-commerce service delivery system, delivery is also very fast and efficient.

For the third quarter of 2018, the U. S. Census Bureau shows a domestic e-commerce sales increase of 14.5% from 2017. This increase translated to a total of 5.3% increase in retail sales in the same period. There is no that to the fact that there is money to be made in e-commerce. This can explain e-commerce, taking half of retail growth, especially during the 2020 pandemic outbreak.

Let’s take a peek at Amazon’s drawing board. Amazon is driven by its founder and CEO’s vision “to be Earth’s most customer-centric company, where customers can find and discover anything they might want to buy online and endeavors to offer its customers the lowest possible prices.” There we have it, Amazon’s biggest investment is in its customers.

In conclusion, the points above can be further emphasized with the deep discounting strategy common to e-commerce brands. However, customer service is not e-commerce’s only investment. Other investment strategies would include sellers’ fixed subscriptions, sales commission, logistics and shipping, and reinvesting profits, among many others.

Stephen Mcmennamy’s Creativity: The Role Of Digital Art

Stephen Mcmennamy

The advent of computers opened new doors in nearly all walks of life. This includes commerce, medicine, engineering, and even visual art. Despite the criticism from the art traditionalists, digital art has provided newer considerations to creativity with its introduction of 2D and 3D designs, animations, digital drawing and painting, and many more. Now, this variety in the world of art has allowed for more flexibility. In other words, more niches have been created for the artist to explore his creativity.

Digital art refers to the branch of new media that uses computer-generated lines, shapes, colors, and textures (digital technology) to produce artwork. The development of this type of art has made the scopes of art change, including drawing, painting, and sculpture, and even film making. These changes are due to the introduction of new techniques for visual effects and animation.

Aspiring artists can find various niches for themselves and even create new ones. Thus, when Stephen McMennamy created an image of a dog with a mushroom head, and people loved it, it shows us that digital art gives more room for creativity and that all absurdities are welcomed.

McMennamy, who termed his genre as Combophotos, explains that his art involves fusing two unrelated items creatively to create one unique image. Not only does his wild image fascinate the viewer, but McMennamy fictitious mashups are also beautiful. His humorous juxtapositions involve splicing two items or scaling them to create an unexpected image.

With a significant following on Instagram, the conceptual artist has grown a lot of popularity on social media for something he considers a hobby. The Atlanta based art director has also worked with numerous companies as he continually preaches his gospel of digital art.

In conclusion, we can say that McMennamy has demonstrated a unique show of digital consideration in art. He has grown to become a significant force in propagating the digital art message and has been an adherent since he began in 2014. It would be a boost for the upcoming artists for better consideration of digital art.

Great Features On Facebook You Probably Didn’t Know About

Great Features On Facebook You Probably Didn’t Know About

With almost 2 billion people logging in on Facebook daily, it has become the most prominent social media site in the world, made by the billionaire American genius, Mark Zuckerberg. Despite this large number of consistent users, many aren’t making most of Facebook’s great features that can help extensively in living in the 21st century.

First, many Facebook users are not quite aware that they can discover the data Facebook has stored about them. It is no news that words are flying around on how big companies use personal data available on Facebook, which doesn’t make its users pretty comfortable. However, one can access one’s personal Facebook data by downloading it via visiting the Facebook Information tab. You can download not only the information but also decide what should be deleted and the info you no longer intend to make accessible for collection.

You can also create a fundraiser on Facebook, which helps extensively to broadcast your cause to your Facebook friends and ask for donations. Fundraisers on Facebook can be located in the News Feed Menu, where instructions for the necessary details to be filled are present.

It will further interest you to know that on Facebook, you can find an easy way to get a new job, and all you have to do is visit facebook.com/jobs. After this, you can adjust the filters by distance, job type, and category, which channels it down to your preference for subsequent application.

Furthermore, on Facebook, you can choose who gets to be your ‘legacy contact’, which means choosing an individual that can take control of your account in cases of emergency or the worst possible scenario – death. They can delete your account, turn it to a memorial or even send messages on your behalf. This feature can be set up in Account Settings.

Lastly, in cases where you see a post or info that strikes or interests you, but you’re unable to read and go through the post, Facebook affords you the ability to save links/posts for later readings. All you need to do is tap the three dots at the top right of the post and then go ahead to select ‘Save Post.’ They can be viewed later on the ‘Saved’ menu, which is on the left side of the desktop newsfeed. It’s also easily locatable on the main menu when using smartphones.

In conclusion, knowing you can easily do all the above on Facebook enhances your social media experience and helps you make the most of Facebook features, which can help you in real life.

Inside America’s Most Controversial Election Of The Century


For many reasons, the U.S 2016 election was not the best that the country ever had. The parties had low-quality candidates and ran negative campaigns against each other. Lack of experience, bankruptcies, womanizing and allegations of misogyny were a part of Trump’s history. Clinton had a fair share of lack of transparency, which was evident in her leaked deleted mails.

The build-up to the election was barely based on policies. It was the personality of the candidates that dominated the headlines. The election was the first to witness external interference. Four years after the election, the United States is still trying to clear the thorns and memories of the 2016 election, which is often considered negative precedence to future elections.

Cambridge Analytica, a British political consulting firm that combined data mining and analysis with strategic communication, was accused of interference. Donald Trump employed the service of the company in the build-up to the election. An undercover investigation report by Channel 4 News exposed the founder, Alexander Nix claiming they had influenced the election. New York Times and The Observer reported in 2018 that the company acquired and used personal data about Facebook users from an external researcher who told Facebook he was collecting the data for academic purposes.

A Russian-American, Alex Logan, created a Facebook app called “This Is Your Digital Life.” The company obtained data of about 270 thousand Facebook users. Through the user’s friend network, the app obtained data of about 87million Americans to create psychological data without people’s permission. The company had violated Facebook’s privacy policies, but the British company wasn’t the only party that influenced the election.

Russian led organization called “Internet Research Agency,” based in St Petersburg, also created thousands of social media accounts to spread misinformation with fabricated articles. Additionally, computer hackers affiliated with Russian military intelligence sources (GRU) infiltrated the Clinton campaign and publicly released stolen files and emails.

It is alleged that the data obtained by Cambridge Analytica was used by Russia to run ads in America. Russia backed companies dented the reputation of Clinton and gave Trump a victory he desired. Four years later, Mark Zuckerberg still appears before the congress, grilled about the 2016 election by democrats.

The election remains America’s most controversial election, from the pre-election season to four years after the election. Though democracy is often a government by the most popular candidate, merit must be considered by parties in selecting their candidates.

How To Ace Your Job Interviews

How To Ace Your Job Interviews

It’s natural to feel nervous when you have a job interview scheduled. You might feel uncertain about how you would perform or whether you can make a lasting impression on the interview panel. Well, have no fear! With the tips provided here, you can be sure of a winning strategy to ace job interviews every time!

The first tip is to prepare. Your level of preparedness goes a long way in determining the outcome of an interview. For instance, make sure you know all that’s in your résumé by heart. Make adequate research on the job you are applying for. Understand the metrics involved and the functions to be performed. Familiarize yourself with possible interview questions and provide adequate answers to them beforehand. You should also know the company you’re applying to, who they are, and what they do.

The next thing you should have sorted out is how you’d look on the day of the interview. Your appearance is the first impression that would be had of you, so you want to kill it. Dress well, look good and professional. Arrive at the interview location before the assigned time. Take a look around and familiarize yourself with the environment and people there.

The last and probably most important thing you need to ace the interview is confidence. Take a deep breath. There’s no need to be nervous, especially if you have prepared. Stride confidently into the room and show the panel the value you would add if you’re hired. Answer all questions asked thoughtfully and thoroughly. Speak calmly and confidently. Your goal is to ensure that the panel sees that you’re the best person for the job.

An invitation to a job interview takes you halfway to getting the job. However, how you perform determines the other half. The primary purpose of interviews is to assess who you are and what you can do. You have to give it your best shot. Think up possible situations and questions, get prepared, appear comely and professional, be ready to show them your worth, and go get that job.

Top 5 Art Pieces You Should Be Aware Of

Andrew Newell Wyeth

Artworks are considered to be an expression of how an artist feels and sees the world. They can be used to communicate the artist’s view on a particular subject on life. Art has been the means through which civilizations and people have passed across messages. The value has risen over the years, superseding the original intent. In this article, we would look at 5 of the best art pieces that have garnered reputation and allure.

The artwork by Andrew Newell Wyeth is probably one of the greatest from the United States, especially this painting of Christina’s world. This artwork depicts Christina Olson, a paralyzed woman in a parched-out field. The anguish of her struggle can be seen in the depiction. This, amongst other things, makes the painting a classic.

Monalisa has been considered widely as the most valuable painting in the world. This noble artwork was painted by the great Leonardo DaVinci, depicting a beautiful woman whose identity has been lost in time. Monalisa is currently the property of France, as it presently sits at the Louvre Museum in Paris.

Not many would have thought of Warhol’s style of art as a classic, but his work has laid a field for diversification in Contemporary Art. His work on Triple Elvis in 1963 shows the famous pop king Elvis Preston in a triple image form. As one of Andy Warhol’s many artworks, this still stands out to have stood the test of time.

Another great artwork is the sculpture of Perseus holding the head of Medusa by Benvenuto Cellini. This bronze sculpture was built between 1545 and 1554. And it is currently in Florence, Italy.

Jackson Pollock’s Mural of 1943 is one of America’s top-rated paintings you could come across. Through the painting, Pollock showed he could present his talent and creativity on canvas. Mural currently sits at the University of Iowa Museum of Art and stands out as Pollock’s biggest painting.

Art is an inherent part of the human way of life and would continue to hold much importance as long as the world exists.


Microsoft Corporation: One Of The World’s Tech Giants

Microsoft Corporation

Microsoft Corporation is an American multinational tech company. It is headquartered in Redmond, Washington. Microsoft develops, manufactures, and sells computer software, personal computers, consumer electronic devices, and other related services. Bill Gates and Paul Allen founded Microsoft. It was founded at a time when owning computers didn’t mean much.

But today, Microsoft has emerged as one of the world’s leading technology giants. This article seeks to share how Microsoft grew massively over the years since its stock went public. Read on! This article will also share the story of how Microsoft evolved DOS to Windows.

Microsoft’s journey to limelight began in 1975. The journey began when IBM sought Microsoft’s help to come up with a project, codenamed ‘Chess.’ This project required that Microsoft would create an operating system. This operating system was created. It was called Microsoft Disk Operating System- MS-DOS.

Computers users began to use the DOS in 1981. But it wasn’t easy to use. The reason is that strange commands needed to be entered for this operating system to work. But Microsoft aggressively advertised DOS, and it enjoyed some level of acceptance. For instance, Microsoft pushed for the use of DOS in companies like Amstrad through aggressive advertisement.

Furthermore, Microsoft sought to make things easier for its consumers. Then, the graphical user interface, Windows 1.0, was introduced in 1985. This time, strange commands were not needed to operate Windows 1.0. Users could use a mouse to choose directories and applications. Microsoft received a massive boost with its innovation. The retail demands skyrocketed. Then, in 1986, Microsoft’s stock went public.

Microsoft began to evolve. It has so far grown to become a world’s tech giant. Almost every computer user sought for Windows 1.0. In 1988, Microsoft became the world’s largest software company based on sales. Microsoft soon became a household name. For instance, in 1992, Microsoft sold almost 10 million copies of Windows 3.1 in the first two years of its introduction.

Microsoft still enjoys a continued rise of acceptance all over the world. When the Windows 95 was introduced, about 7 million copies in the first five weeks of its introduction were sold. Notably, Microsoft’s stock price peaked at US$58.72 per share in 1999. The company was valued at $620 billion at that time.

In conclusion, Microsoft has since been one of the world’s tech giants. It has also continued to diversify its earnings. It extends its business frontiers to games consoles, with Xbox cloud computing and Windows Phone. But Microsoft has not been able to beat its competitors in gaining popularity for its smartphones.

However, Microsoft still arguably leads among other tech companies in desktops. It was recorded that Windows 10 can be found on over 400million devices. That is some impressive feat.