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Basic Media Equipment For Filmmaking Enthusiasts

filmmaking enthusiasts

For several film enthusiasts in America or perhaps a beginner filmmaker with zeal to explore the creation of creative and artistic content in the media world, knowing the essential media equipment to have or acquire that fit a fairly reasonable budget can be a bit stressful, yet interesting. There are several variables to consider. So, below are some basic gears for filmmaking enthusiasts.

The first thing to get is a Video Camera, which is perhaps the most essential of them all. It is the centerpiece of any filmmaking gear package, and the camera to acquire depends mainly not just on your budget, but also on the shooting to be done.

A tripod is another great equipment, which will significantly help to keep your footage professional and steady. For smoother-looking pans, a tripod with a fluid head is very crucial.

The next thing you’d want to have is a Camera Light. It extensively helps in filling up ugly shadows, and it’s an excellent accessory to have, especially in a news style shoot or a documentary shoot. Added to this should be a Three-Point Lighting Kit in case you plan to shoot indoors.

Another great equipment to have is a Shotgun Microphone because it prepares you for literally almost every filmmaking situation that needs great audio. Audio quality tells the difference on several ends, and a shotgun microphone is a great option. You can also opt for a Wireless Microphone for more flexibility with your creative endeavors.

Getting a Headphone is also vital, as it helps you monitor the sounds at all times even while shooting. Getting a good one is advisable to avoid unpleasant audio surprises after a shoot.

In addition to all the above, a Light Reflector is a must-have item, especially for your documentary filmmaking kit, as it can turn an amateurish looking shot to an amazingly lit scene.

Acquiring lenses that feature wide-angle, zoom lens, macros, clear ‘protective’ lens, etc. is to be greatly considered as they largely determine the awesomeness of specific shots and images related to distances and angles.

It’s also always nice to make sure you get Extra Batteries, to avoid painful surprises. Three to four batteries are usually enough for most basic shooting scenarios.

Depending on your camera, it’s essentialessential to have your Flash Memory Cards, Video Tapes, or DVDs. You’d need devices to record the footage you’d be shooting.

Lastly, an External Hard drive is one of your basic friends as a filmmaking enthusiast. It’s great both on shooting scenes where you might need to offload your footage from the memory card of your camera and off-shooting scenes for easy storage.

In sum, you don’t need to acquire all heavy gadgets for starters, as these basic media gears are a great start that’s sufficient to get you effectively creative.

How To Ace Your Job Interviews

How To Ace Your Job Interviews

It’s natural to feel nervous when you have a job interview scheduled. You might feel uncertain about how you would perform or whether you can make a lasting impression on the interview panel. Well, have no fear! With the tips provided here, you can be sure of a winning strategy to ace job interviews every time!

The first tip is to prepare. Your level of preparedness goes a long way in determining the outcome of an interview. For instance, make sure you know all that’s in your résumé by heart. Make adequate research on the job you are applying for. Understand the metrics involved and the functions to be performed. Familiarize yourself with possible interview questions and provide adequate answers to them beforehand. You should also know the company you’re applying to, who they are, and what they do.

The next thing you should have sorted out is how you’d look on the day of the interview. Your appearance is the first impression that would be had of you, so you want to kill it. Dress well, look good and professional. Arrive at the interview location before the assigned time. Take a look around and familiarize yourself with the environment and people there.

The last and probably most important thing you need to ace the interview is confidence. Take a deep breath. There’s no need to be nervous, especially if you have prepared. Stride confidently into the room and show the panel the value you would add if you’re hired. Answer all questions asked thoughtfully and thoroughly. Speak calmly and confidently. Your goal is to ensure that the panel sees that you’re the best person for the job.

An invitation to a job interview takes you halfway to getting the job. However, how you perform determines the other half. The primary purpose of interviews is to assess who you are and what you can do. You have to give it your best shot. Think up possible situations and questions, get prepared, appear comely and professional, be ready to show them your worth, and go get that job.

Customers Shaping E-Commerce Growth This Year

Customers Shaping E-Commerce Growth This Year

E-commerce is an abbreviation for Electronic Commerce. A simple definition will be the act of buying and selling over the internet. It has become conventional in people’s daily life. After all, there is always an everyday need for purchase. E-commerce then steps in to meet the supply of such needs. In America, companies such as Amazon, Walmart, eBay, and others have taken central control of e-commerce. It is, therefore, important to know their money-making strategies and the role of their customers.

E-commerce makes money in a lot of ways. The first investment strategy to be considered here is targeting the right audience. The importance of this is that instead of reaching out to a large audience, they will direct their content towards potential customers.

Another top money-making strategy is using marketing collateral to drive traffics. What e-commerce giants do is to use the customer’s research journey to address the customer’s pain point. With that, the benefits of a product can be quickly communicated to the customer.

There are also automated processes used to deliver goods, services, and follow-up on their customers. Here is a bit of repetition, the law of lasting impression. Not just that, customers can familiarize themselves with the e-commerce service delivery system, delivery is also very fast and efficient.

For the third quarter of 2018, the U. S. Census Bureau shows a domestic e-commerce sales increase of 14.5% from 2017. This increase translated to a total of 5.3% increase in retail sales in the same period. There is no that to the fact that there is money to be made in e-commerce. This can explain e-commerce, taking half of retail growth, especially during the 2020 pandemic outbreak.

Let’s take a peek at Amazon’s drawing board. Amazon is driven by its founder and CEO’s vision “to be Earth’s most customer-centric company, where customers can find and discover anything they might want to buy online and endeavors to offer its customers the lowest possible prices.” There we have it, Amazon’s biggest investment is in its customers.

In conclusion, the points above can be further emphasized with the deep discounting strategy common to e-commerce brands. However, customer service is not e-commerce’s only investment. Other investment strategies would include sellers’ fixed subscriptions, sales commission, logistics and shipping, and reinvesting profits, among many others.

Hyper-Rational Behavior Versus Compulsive Behavior

Hyper-Rational Behavior Versus Compulsive Behavior

The human brain is the powerhouse and control room of everything a human does. This organ is virtually the driving force that keeps us moving and helps in mobilizing every part of our body to work in unison. Deep within the brain are other functionalities that are responsible for daily interaction with people and our environment. It is responsible for certain characteristic traits that shape who we become in the long run. Nonetheless, a significant section of human life is how our impulses react to external information and how we deduce the situation.

In this article, we would look at hyper-rational versus compulsive behavior and see how these affect the individual’s life.

Hyper-rational behavior is a systematic level of reasoning that brings logic and reason to the forefront when analyzing a situation. Those who possess this kind of behavior are more attuned to making decisions bereft of emotions or belief. They are mostly unreligious and shun the belief in the supernatural. The hyper-rational person doesn’t falter when it comes to decision making and can be thorough thinkers when the need arises.

Angelina Jolie Pitt, Brad Pitt
Angelina Jolie Pitt, Brad Pitt

A great example would be the couple Brad and Angelina Pitt, who are atheists and are comprehensive thinkers off the screen. Another name notable with this type of behavior is Daniel Radcliffe, who seeks reasonable knowledge over faith.

Compulsive behavior, on the other hand, which is entirely on the other end of the spectrum. This behavior type has the person driven to undertake a particular action continually until it becomes a ritual. As much as the person tries to stop them due to the negative impact on them or their relationship with other people, they find it hard to let go and keep on the same thing. It should be noted that millions of people have this behavior, and the late Steve Jobs was one of the notable people who put his OCD into good use. Another big name known with this is Leonardo DiCaprio, who admitted to taking drugs in a bid to fight the behavior.

Why a sole trader could benefit from the use of a virtual phone system

Why a sole trader could benefit from the use of a virtual phone system

A sole trader is defined as a one person business who runs their business without employees and solely through their own efforts. Sole trader businesses can be profitable; however, they are usually limited to smaller sized companies which have a low output, but enough to make a profit. A sole trader is a good choice for many people who believe they have the skills to make a product or a service on their own, and the nuances and complexities can be handled by one person. A virtual phone system is used by companies of all sizes, from sole traders to small to medium enterprises and large corporations. It may seem like a sole trader could just use a landline and be fine in their business, which in most cases could be true. However, the many features that come with the use of these platforms be highly beneficial to those who are sole traders.

The landline is dead

The landline has served the people for a long time now and has served them well. The age of technology has ushered in a number of different types of products which dwarf older and now obsolete devices, and a virtual phone system does exactly that. The landline is limited to the use of hardware which needs to be wired into a set location and hooked up to a phone line. While this makes it easy for those who stay in one location, in a fast paced world, many entrepreneurs and businesspeople opt to stay on the move. Whether that be for meetings and client facing situations, or because they work other jobs too. The virtual phone system presents an opportunity to be able to make and receive calls regardless of your location, as long as a device and Internet connection is present.

The landline is dead, all hail the virtual phone system!

Personalized numbers

The virtual phone system allows sole traders to be able to personalize their numbers to one that suits their business. Often you may see those businesses with numbers that spell out a word related to their field, or maybe they want a number that is easy to recognize and remember. Regardless of whether the purpose is for creativity or marketing, the virtual phone system allows the sole trader to have a unique number which is personalized and recognizable for their customers and clients.

Personal voicemails

One of the most important parts of customer engagement is to be able to make the customer feel like they matter. When calling into a sole trader business after hours, a virtual phone system is able to create a voicemail that informs the customer of afterhours calls or can redirect them to another number. This is a feature exclusive to a virtual phone system and can help to increase customer engagement and satisfaction subsequently.

Appear more professional

The use of a virtual phone system can help a sole trader to look more professional and larger than they are. It is true that customers will likely opt for a company that appears bigger and is more professional, and a virtual phone system can give off that professional look. This is because the majority of large corporations will use a virtual phone system. With a sole trader using one, they can look more professional and bigger, helping to secure customers. It is vital to be professional, especially when you are in a market that is highly competitive, like much of the business world. Any competitive advantage is a good one, no matter how slight the advantage.

Tony Robbins: The Life Choices Of A Great Artist

Tony Robbins

Great artists are dynamic. They can channel their inner energy and produce something beautiful just at the right time for the world to marvel at. In producing a masterpiece, they have mastered the art of stress control, problem-solving, and creativity stimulation. They also have mechanisms that keep them focused on the project they are working on and see to its completion. Here is a portrait of Tony Robbins, the iconic orator.

Tony Robbins is a popular American author and public speaker. Robbins’ artistry was evident in the expressive prowess that made him one of the most prolific speakers of the 21st century. He started out his career as a motivational speaker at an early age of 17. And he has employed his creative ability to influence his audience on many occasions greatly. Robbins expresses views that help to improve the quality of life of his adherents.

Tony Robbins’ journey to this great artistry began on a rough note. He started as a janitor after school. But he sacrificed the present gratification for future satisfaction. He began organizing seminars for public speakers like Jim Rohn. It was then he discovered his professional calling. He pursued it persistently with hard work.

Great artists are always very confident. Tony Robbins’ artistry is largely built on his insistence on self-confidence. He usually expressed his view that anyone could learn to be confident. For instance, when he was in 10th Grade, he interviewed very important persons in the world of sport. He interviewed sports analysts like Howard Cosell and Woody Hayes.

Procrastination and laziness are a bane of creativity and improvement. Artists know this, and Tony Robbins didn’t allow it to become a problem.  He knows how to rouse and drive his creative traits. He begins each day with a cup of coffee to stimulate creativity. He also engages in bodily exercise to get ready for the day’s work. He creatively uses words to make a great impression on his audience. His seminars and teachings can impact the lives of his audience.

In conclusion, there is no doubt that Tony Robbins is a great public speaker. Basic factors that distinguish this artist include persistence, creativity, consistency, amongst others. And undoubtedly, these are some of the excellent features that aspiring artists must emulate.

Top 5 Life Hacks That Work

Listening to music

Every day, we are faced with tons of activities we need to carry out. Hence, we are constantly looking for ways to manage our time and make our life easier and more efficient for optimum productivity. This process doesn’t come easy, as the mind may get carried away with other activities. However, adherence to life hacks can make an enormous difference in the way we live. In this article, we take a look at the top 5 life hacks to get your day more productive and efficient. Read on!

One key life hack you should consider is music. Listening to music has a calming effect, which often helps increase focus. And when there is focus, this is improved productivity for the day. Music helps boost brain power and strengthen communication between your left and right hemisphere, thereby increasing your cognitive abilities.

Another key hack to consider is keeping a note pad and pen handy. In life, we get to process a lot of information simultaneously, which might lead to forgetting a couple of vital information in the process. Jotting down thoughts and ideas is a great way to keep records that can be recovered when needed for productivity.

Still on information, information is a critical component in life. And the more you get it, the better for you. Acquiring knowledge is a top tier hack, and can be helpful in a time of need. Try to learn something new every day, and you would be amazed at how it can be of use.

Meditation is an essential life hack. It helps relax your nerves and improves clarity. You could either perform one of the several meditation techniques or just practice yoga for better clarity. You can dedicate a few hours in a day and look out how for its effects in your life.

No top life hacks would be complete without suggesting exercise to the readers. Exercising is excellent for the body and should be factored into our life. It helps improve blood circulation in the body and give you a healthier heart.

There are millions of life hacks out there that serve several purposes. However, this is a list that would be beneficial for its adherent in the long run.


The Motion Picture And Video Industry In The US

Motion Picture

The motion picture can also be referred to as the movie or film. It is a series of still pictures on film being displayed in quick succession on a screen through the means of light. With the persistence of vision, it gives the illusion of continuous and smooth movement. It has become perhaps the most influential and popular media of the 21st century. It is now further developed as an artistic and creative expression in diverse areas like cinematography, music, acting, screenwriting, costume, and design, of which all is quite prevalent in the US.

What It Produces

The United States motion picture industry is known to produce some of the world’s feature films and recorded TV programs as we know it. Also, the industry is noted to further produce music videos, documentaries as well as commercials. Post-production services include film and tap transfers, editing, credits, titling, subtitling, closed captioning, animation, special effects, and computer-produced graphics.

The industry is influenced by many large studios, which are mostly based in Hollywood. However, with the ever-growing popularity and worldwide availability of cable TV, computer graphics and editing software, digital video recorders, and the Internet, other independent filmmaking companies have emerged to fill the increasing demands for entertainment content.

Revenue Range of the US Motion Picture and Video Industry & the Key Players

A good idea can be summed up to the year 2018, when the industry generated its highest revenue from TV programs to domestic licensing of rights, as it brought in over a whopping 15 billion US dollars, and the estimated total revenue for that year amounted to 69.9 billion US dollars for the entire US motion picture and video production & distribution industry. Since 2005, the estimated revenue generated hardly ever falls below 60 billion US dollars, and that’s largely accredited to the big industry folks like Universal Studios, Walt Disney, Sony Pictures, and Warner Media, who have been successful in the business.

In sum, this goes to say that the Motion picture and video industry in the US is booming with no signs of slowing down, as it remains relevant in also accommodating prospective giants and highly artistic and creative media enthusiasts in a fertile industry.

Revealed! Companies pay dividends because they have earned so much

Companies pay dividends because they have earned so much

Generally, companies are not obliged to pay dividends. It is within the discretion of the company to determine whether or not payment of dividends is suitable. Here is a helpful tip for those who don’t know what dividends are. Dividends are corporate earnings that are usually paid to shareholders.  Company owners have confirmed that paying dividends offers a lot of benefits to both the shareholder and the company. Here are a few pieces of information on reasons why these companies pay dividends.

First, companies pay dividends because they have earned so much in a fiscal year. In other words, they enjoy financial abundance, which makes them pay their shareholders a part of their earnings. This is very common to big and giant companies like Apple, Wells Fargo, JP Morgan Chase, etc.  On the other hand, it may be difficult for small businesses or start-ups to pay dividends. This is because they always want to reinvest their earnings.

Again, companies pay dividends to attract more investors. This is done with a promise that the investors will enjoy more benefits. There is no doubt that many investors love to extend their streams of income to receiving dividends. So, when they constantly receive their dividend payments, they are encouraged to invest more money in the company.

Furthermore, companies pay dividends to portray their financial well-being in a good light. When a company consistently pays dividends to its investors, it shows that the company has the financial strength to keep paying. There are even times that some of these companies run into financial hardships. But when they keep paying their dividends, it communicates positivity despite the harsh financial conditions.

However, where a viable and big company with a consistent history of dividend payments suddenly stops payments, it shows pessimism and financial downturn. This will chase prospective investors away. It is worthy to note that companies that pay dividends turn out to be the most viable. They are also gradually becoming blue-chip companies.

In conclusion, there is no doubt that dividends are beneficial to both investors and the company. Dividends serve different purposes to both sides of the divide. So, it is advised that companies reach a consensus with their investors to determine whether or not to pay dividends or to reinvest. This will further strengthen the trust in their business relationship.


Building An Investment Through Knowledge

Building An Investment Through Knowledge

The values of stocks, bonds, and other securities cannot be guaranteed. They constantly fluctuate with different market conditions. However, there is the U.S. Security and Exchange Commission (SEC). Their role is to enforce laws given as to how investments are offered and sold. Therefore, it is expedient to be knowledgeable about investment. The reasons for this knowledge will be both to maximize investment and to avoid criminal investment acts.

Before any investment, the first thing to know is the financial goal. This knowledge addresses what saving and investment product is best for you. The answer to this question will then be largely dependent on when will the money be needed? How much is need? And how do you intend to get it?

When the choice of getting the money is now investing, the next thing to know is now what investment entails. In simple terms, investing means a chance of making more money than when it was saved. It also means the possibility of losing capital. There are a handful of details to familiarize oneself with before investing.

There has to be in-depth knowledge of the current market trend. These are perceived tendencies responsible for either an upward or a downward movement of the financial market. Market trends are classified as secular for long time frames, primary for medium time frames, and secondary for short time frames.

The next thing to know is the different types of investment that there are. They comprise stocks, mutual funds, corporate and municipal bonds, annuities, exchange-traded funds (ETFs), money market funds, U.S. Treasury securities, real estate, private equity, precious metals and other commodities.

To pick the right type of investment, you must know the risk factors involved, the type of returns – fixed or variable, and other associated fees. The return for taking on risk is the potential profit that such investment will yield. Returns are the investment agreement of how profits will be paid or reinvested. Other associated fees are the cost associated with investment products and services. With an accurate evaluation of these three elements, a profitable type of investment will be chosen to match a set goal.

Finally, a good knowledge of diversifying investment will come in handy. This is just to safeguard capital with optional investments. So, other investments will cover up for any failed investment and money loss. Knowledge is the new rich.